Inspirators Academy created by Roche Hungary is launched under the auspices of AIPM

Roche has been working to improve the quality of life for patients for 125 years, and supporting patient organisations that help them in areas such as effective advocacy and up-to-date training for leaders representing the organisation and patients is a key part of this.

The programme, developed by Roche Hungary, is being relaunched under the auspices of the Academy of Patient Organisations (BETA), established in 2016 by the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. The Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers is continuing the work started by Roche Hungary with the aim of becoming not “only” an information centre for patients, but also a major contributor to providing them with access to innovations and state-of-the-art medical solutions through the up-to-date knowledge of an efficient patient organisation.

The presentation of the programme and the information of patient organisations took place at the strategy meeting of the “AIPM-Patient Organisations Cooperation Platform” (ABEP) on 26 January. More information on the details of the Inspirators Academy coming soon.